About 3D Digital

About Us

We’re the dreamers and schemers that build brands beyond the ordinary. We love challenges that allow us to invent, prototype and launch solutions to help our clients overcome digital obstacles.

Through our specialized creative strategy, 3D Digital excels at strengthening the emotional glue between brands and their target audiences. As a team, we help magnify brands and drive sales with a cross-channel, digitally-led approach.

Customizing each project by collaborating with our client is essential to every success story we create.

We deliver straightforward results-driven strategies with no surprises other than exceeding your expectations and the occasional Nerf war or glitter bomb, of course.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Alan Worley
Roxie Reeves
Lindi DiMaio
Greg Dorsey
Priya Moldovan
Quincy Richardson
Tamara Krause
Brian Butler
Kristen Bazzell
Jimmy Manos
Jeremiah Young
Chris Yarborough