4 Benefits of Using a Web Developer

Now that it has become extremely easy to create a website without having any sort of web-building experience, more and more companies are creating their own websites without the assistance of a professional web developer. Web-building sites like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly are widely used across the internet because of their low hosting fees, ease of use, and simple designs. While these sites may be great platforms for people with little web design experience, they aren’t the best option for companies wanting to have a website that really stands out amongst their competitors. By using a professional web developer to create your website from scratch on WordPress, you are able to customize and control every single detail of your site. Here are four benefits of hiring a web developer to create your website.

Quality Web Design

First and foremost, having a sleek website that is easy to navigate is extremely important. Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly templates may look great at first glance, but are they really suited to your brand? These templates are easy to use because you can simply drag and drop content into your webpage, but this feature tends to make your site look unorganized and generic. Remember that first impressions last forever and if you want to attract new customers, your website needs to stand out against your competitors with a unique design that is customized to your brand, not spit out from a template. Professional web developers can help you create the best website suited specifically to your company’s needs.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

One of the best benefits of hiring a professional web developer to create your website is that they can help increase a higher search engine ranking for your site. Creating a glamorous website is a great first step, but there’s no good in having a visually appealing website if it doesn’t show up in search engine results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to making sure that your website ranks high in any search engine results. Most of the free web-building sites available online don’t allow you to customize your SEO.

Web Analytics

Understanding your web analytics is a great way to target new users on your website. Some of the easy to use web-building sites don’t allow you to access your website’s analytics. Without the ability to review and understand these results, your marketing strategies could be lacking key components. When you hire a web developer, they can view your web analytics on WordPress and help you understand what all of the data means. These insights can help your website be more successful and profitable.

Room For Development

One of the disadvantages of using web-building websites online is that their templates tend to look the same. Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly may not allow you to edit the HTML coding of your site to create a new, innovative look. One day when you decide it’s time to rebrand your website and give it a fresh look, these pre-made templates could lock you into the same sort of design that you already have. Not only will a web developer have all the skills you’ll need to create this vision for a rebranded website, they’ll also be able to give you suggestions on how to make it look completely new rather than getting stuck in a creative rut.

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