4 Digital Marketing Ideas for Halloween

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is a perfect time to experiment with creative ideas in fresh and sometimes frightening ways. Businesses should be taking advantage of this holiday since the U.S. is predicted to spend $9.1 billion in Halloween expenditures in 2019. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that pumpkin pie?

Hold onto your witches’ hat! Here are some examples of Halloween-themed digital marketing campaigns that organizations have launched in the past.

Seasonal Videos

Video content gets the most organic engagement. If your business utilizes video regularly, creating a spooky themed video may best route to get some scary good conversions.

Geico Insurance is a big player during the holidays with their seasonally themed advertising campaigns. They recently launched the “GEICOween” campaign with a series of commercials. In the most talked about commercial, the Geico gecko and the new homeowners explore the old attic only to find presumably haunted mannequins. How eerie is that!

Themed Targeted Display Ads

Svedka took the prize in 2017 when they launched their Halloween “Banner Ad Curse” campaign. This campaign used a person’s location, vodka preferences and browsing habits to create personalized targeted display ads that followed the users from site to site with creepy messages. Further, the only way to “break the curse” was to click on the ad.

Evil genius? We think so. This data-driven campaign broke the normal mold of targeted ads in a terrifying yet totally creative way.

Social Media Campaigns

Fanta’s 2017 Halloween campaign used distorted reality to create scary Snapchat filters during the spooky season. The Snapchat filters could only be unlocked using the exclusive Snapcode on the back of Fanta beverages, which helped increase sales of these limited-time products. The filters got progressively scarier as Halloween got closer. This digital marketing campaign was a huge success because it boosted product sales while maintaining customer engagement.

Blog Posts

Blog posts (like this one) are a great way to treat your audience while also boosting your SEO. Halloween is a hot time for interesting and trendy searches since millions of people are looking for costume and party ideas, tips and tricks, and so much more. If you’re searching for a spooky blog post idea, checking out the Halloween Google Search trends is a good way to see what people are currently interested in.

Halloween is a perfect time to break out of the usual digital marketing mold. Take the leap this year and start brewing some of your own ideas for your Halloween campaign!

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