5 Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your marketing strategy to keep up with the competition. Even though this is supposed to be a joyous time, consumers often get stressed in preparation of the holiday season. The best way to target your customers is to alleviate their stress and lighten the mood with some fun and fresh marketing tactics.

Below are our top five marketing tips to help you maximize your holiday sales to better market your product or business this holiday season.

Offer Special Holiday Promotions

Consumers are always on the lookout for the best holiday shopping deals. It’s important to have a special promotion to draw your customers in and keep up with the demand. This could be anything from a discount, buy one get one free items or contests and giveaways. While you’re deciding what promotion will work best for your company, make sure that it’s exciting enough and something that your consumers haven’t already seen. Consider exclusive promotional items or discounts that your customers wouldn’t normally see throughout the year.

Create Festive Social Media Posts

The holidays are all about sharing good times with the ones you love, so why not take the same approach with your social media strategy? The holiday season is the perfect time to add some fun and lightheartedness to your social media feeds all while boosting consumer engagement. You can also pair this strategy with your holiday promotions to offer exclusive social media savings. You can do this by creating a hashtag for your visitors to interact with and share on their pages. The more engagement you can keep going throughout the holidays, the more you will stay on top of mind with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Give Back to a Charity or Local Organization

Partnering with a nonprofit is a great way to show consumers that you care about the community. During the holidays, people feel inclined to give back, especially to a cause they are passionate about. We recommend that as a company you pick a charity that you care about personally. Make sure that your customers know about your partnership, so they can also share in the holiday spirit. This way you can both increase your sales and raise money for your charity at the same time. A great way to do this is by donating a percentage of every purchase made or by giving customers the ability to donate when checking out.

Start an Email Marketing Campaign

During the holidays your customers are constantly checking their emails for their shot at the best deals. What better way to gain awareness for your special holiday promotions than by sending the promotions right to your customer’s inbox. To get the most bang for your buck, segment your customers into custom audiences so that you can tailor promotions specifically to them. Also, consider setting up drip campaigns so that you can measure their engagement throughout the holiday season.

Shoot a Fun Holiday Video

Holiday videos are a great way to engage with your audience and express gratitude for their support throughout the year. You can pack a lot of information into a video message all while keeping viewers entertained – something static messages often lack. Explore unique ways to get the entire staff involved or to highlight a certain product. Videos are 40 times more likely to get shared on social media so this could be a great opportunity to get your message out. Regardless of your message, you want to make sure that you show that you’re more than just a name and a product.

There are many ways you can spruce up your marketing strategy for the holidays. If you’ve never tried anything new during the holidays, why not give it a shot this year? You could choose to implement one, or all five of these tips, depending on what solution is best for your business. Just remember, try to keep it fun and tell your audience why you’re grateful for them this holiday season.

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