5 Things Every Business Website Needs

Whether small or large, it’s essential for any company to have an optimized, fully-functioning business website. Your online presence should eloquently reflect the standards your company upholds, as well as the services it provides. You want to ensure that every customer has a good experience on your website so they will be encouraged to do business with you. If you have a business website, or are looking to create one, there are five essential elements that it needs to succeed.

1.      Contact Information

Though this might seem obvious, it is a must for a business to include all their contact information on their website. This may include: phone number, email, fax, hours of business, and location. A website’s purpose is to make your company more accessible to a wider audience. If customers have no way of reaching your company, however, the website is useless. Make it obvious to visitors where your contact information is on your site. Placing your information in the header or footer of your site will be a clear enough indicator. For convenience, also include a link that provides directions to your location for online visitors.

2.      About Us Section

Having a page dedicated to the members of your business can be extremely beneficial. This allows your company to connect with current and potential customers on a more personal level. Online visitors can get a sense of the kind of values, standards and goals that your business holds. By providing more insight on your company, customers are also informed on the set of skills and certifications your team may possess. Things that might be nice to display on your “About Us” section include: history of the business, a brief description of your company’s goals, information on your employees and/or owner, and pictures of your locale and team. Try to provide content on this page that makes your business relatable to customers. You want content that positions you as a unique brand and creates connections with your customers.

3.      Blogging

A blog is an easy, inexpensive way to enhance your business website. Not only can you speak directly to your customers through your posts, but you can also use it to establish your business as an expert in its field. In addition, blogs can also help boost your organic keyword ranking, making it easy for people to find you. When writing a blog, create content that is engaging and provides answers to the questions your customers are asking. Your blog should highlight or be related to the types of services that your company provides, but not overly self-promotional.

4.      Mobile-Responsive

We live in an age where our primary way of communication lies in our hands. Mobile devices allow us to access information at any given moment we want. With the internet becoming increasingly more accessible, the percentage of mobile users visiting your site is rising. That is why it is essential to have a mobile-responsive website. This means your site will display on any handheld device, as well as reformat to fit the device. Reformatting is important because it makes buttons larger, adjusts images and content, and gives users an option to view the site from a desktop perspective. This makes for a better user experience.  Another reason to ensure your website is mobile-responsive is search engine optimization (SEO). Google will actually reduce your website’s ranking if it doesn’t pass its mobile-friendly test.

5.      Web Management/Security

Now that you have a business website, don’t let it fall to pieces. The internet is filled with many threats, such as viruses, hackers and spambots. Keep your site in top shape and away from these risks by reviewing it often Remember, a website is a work in progress; you should never create one with the expectation that you’ll never need to touch it or update it again. Be sure you have an ongoing maintenance plan in place, as well as the necessary security measures to help reduce your risk of a cyber attack.

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