5 Tips to Writing a Blog Post

In addition to being a way to connect with your audience on a personal level, blogging can be a great way to create more exposure for your business. Writing a blog that is personalized to your audience and proves to effectively convey your message can be difficult, but the process is less intimidating if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Get to Know Your Audience

One of the first steps to take when writing a blog post is to know your audience. Do your readers live within a certain geographic location? Are they all around the same age? Use this data from research to shape your blog post. If you’re targeting teenagers from a rural area, it might be helpful to use simplified language. If you’re writing towards business owners in the suburbs, you may want to write in a different tone. By understanding your audience, you can write a blog post specifically catered towards their needs.

Don’t Stray from Your Topic

When creating an effective blog post, it’s important to stay focused on a particular topic. Don’t confuse your reader by jumping around to different stories that don’t mesh together. Once you’ve figured out the topic you’ll be writing about, jot down key points that relate to your overall message. If one of these points doesn’t make sense or relate to the main topic, toss it or rework it so that the point flows with the rest of the content.

Organize Your Content

It’s easy to lose readers as soon as they click on your blog if they’re immediately greeted by a giant mass of text that isn’t broken down or organized in any way. If you’re writing about several key points, consider making a listicle and separate each point with a bold header or new paragraph. If you’re writing about a topic that has photos or graphics relating to each point, make sure you organize those graphics with the correct paragraph.

Proofread Your Work

Not only does un-edited writing look unprofessional, it could also be confusing to your readers if you accidentally misplaced a sentence or completely misspelled an important word. By looking over your blog post before publishing it, you can be confident in knowing that your message is professional and approachable to your readers.

Add a Call-to-Action

If your blog has a comment section for readers to leave their own thoughts on your piece, ask your audience about their opinions in response to your blog post. By creating a call-to-action, you’re keeping your readers engaged in the content you’re creating. Another idea to engage your audience would be to leave hyperlinks at the bottom of your post to similar topics that you’ve written about in the past. The goal of creating a call-to-action is to give your readers something to do next.

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