7 Ways to Benefit from Digital Marketing

You’ve landed on this blog because you clicked a display ad; We’re here to tell you that you can drive traffic to your website the same way. What’s even better than seeing it work real time, is knowing that you’re targeting people with behaviors that show they are potential customers – instead of focusing on the standard segments of traditional media.

In the past, traditional methods like TV, radio and billboards proved to be successful; however, a drastic shift has recently taken place. With all the advancements in technology, using a mix of tactics like targeted display, over-the-top (OTT) advertising, YouTube and Google Ads means that you can hit your audience during all parts of the sales funnel.

If you’re still not sure that digital marketing is the right strategy for your business, read below to explore 7 ways you can benefit from it right away.

Reinforces Other Marketing Strategies

A huge benefit to digital marketing is that you can use it as a tool to reinforce any other campaigns you may be running. For example, if you already use direct mail you can take the addresses from your mailing list and target all of the devices in each home with addressable geo-fencing. Those people who aren’t converting to sales based off direct mail alone are more likely to convert after this second exposure.

Produces Measurable Results

Digital marketing offers something that many other marketing efforts simply can’t, and that’s measurable results. There’s no way to know exactly how many people saw your ad in a newspaper or on a roadside billboard; however, with digital marketing, a report detailing the exact number of engagements and conversions can be created so you know what tactics are or aren’t performing well. This information can help you decide where to invest more and where to scale back the spending.

Taking reporting a step further, with conversion zones through display marketing, it’s easy to see how many people visited a location after engaging with a digital ad. Even further, this foot traffic attribution shows users that saw your ad and then actually visited your physical location.

Increases Awareness & Website Traffic

Frequency can help keep your brand at top of mind. With access to a global audience, gaining awareness on a large scale has never been easier. Display targeting is most successful at driving website traffic and increasing awareness of your brand. Highlighting a strong call-to-action that resonates with the target demographic is a smart way to increase website traffic. Getting someone to click over to your site isn’t very difficult as long as you give them a reason to click and show them ads where they are searching online.

Utilizes Behavioral Marketing

Actions always speak louder than words – so why not base your digital marketing on how people act? This is where behavioral marketing comes into play. Through digital marketing, people’s online behaviors are tracked and if they are determined to fit into your target audience, they can be shown your ad. This helps to cut down on unnecessary spending and limit advertising to just those who might be interested. These behaviors could include walking into a specific type of store or even typing in specific keywords.

It’s Flexible

Unlike traditional ads, digital ads are extremely flexible. This puts the power back in your hands to determine what, when and where you want to advertise. For a business with many services or frequent product launches, a traditional monthly or quarterly ad cycle isn’t going to work. Targeted display banners and other creatives can be swapped out at any time, so one day you can promote one product and the next day something completely different.

It’s Cost-Effective

In the same way that digital marketing is flexible, it’s also highly cost-effective. Most digital ads are billed at a cost-per-thousand, also known as CPM. This tracks the cost of all digital ads per every 1000 impressions made. Just like buying in bulk at Costco, the more impressions you buy the more competitive your CPM will be. Digital campaigns can also be paused at any time, allowing funds to be shifted during times that make sense when it comes to your business goals.

Connects You to the Mobile User

Reaching out to the mobile user is more important than ever. About half of all global web traffic now originates from mobile devices, so not advertising to this market alienates you from a large number of consumers. Fortunately, digital marketing tactics keep these users in mind. Targeted display banners provide the same functionality on both desktop and mobile sites, so no need to create unique ads for every platform. In our fast-paced, tech-driven society, why wouldn’t you want to target people on the screens already in their hands?

It only takes one click to convert someone online. Digital marketing done right can appeal to your entire target audience where they already spend most of their time. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be marketing online, especially if you want to keep seeing growth going into the future.

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