About 3D Digital

About Us

We’re the dreamers and schemers that build brands beyond the ordinary. We love challenges that allow us to invent, prototype and launch solutions to help our clients overcome digital obstacles.

Through our specialized creative strategy, 3D Digital excels at strengthening the emotional glue between brands and their target audiences. As a team, we help magnify brands and drive sales with a cross-channel, digitally-led approach.

Customizing each project by collaborating with our client is essential to every success story we create.

We deliver straightforward results-driven strategies with no surprises other than exceeding your expectations and the occasional Nerf war or glitter bomb, of course.

Companies We Work With

Zimmer Biomet
Whits Frozen Custard
Vystar Credit Union
Tim Tebow Foundation
Tim Tebow
Salt Life
Old City Homes
Native Sun Foodmarket
Money Pages
Dreams Come True
Community First Credit Union
Carlson Dental Group
Bullard Law Group
Bold City AC
Almon Gunter
Milanos Pizza
Lifetime Enclosures
Dostie Homes

Our Expert Services

Meet the Talent

Alan Worley
Roxie Reeves
Greg Dorsey
Tamara Krause
Brian Butler
Chris Yarborough
Cam Hayes
Gary Hackney
Sarah Callahan
Halie Rash
Meet the Incredibly Talented 3D Digital Team

"Nothing is as important as building a strong team to support client needs. We’re up to some really great things. Life is too short to think small." – Alan Worley, President

"Innovation needs to be a part of your culture. Find out what your customers want most and what you do best. Focus on where those two meet and do something about it." – Roxie Reeve, Senior Project Manager

"Our specialty is telling stories. Nothing is better than taking a client’s idea and making it better than they even imagined it could be." – Greg Dorsey, Executive Producer

"I like to think outside of the box. If you can see the invisible, even the impossible becomes possible." – Tamara Krause, Digital Marketing Specialist

"Going the extra mile is part of the job. Every day is an opportunity to do something great!" – Brian Butler, Senior Web Developer

"It’s not just about creating a video to tell your story. It’s about the strategy that goes into it. That’s what makes it powerful." – Chris Yarborough, Video Producer and Editor

"You start with the content – the message you need sent. The meaning of everything you’re building. Make that available with the lowest common technology, then enhance!" – Cam Hayes, Senior Web Developer

"After 40 years in the biz, there’s still nothing like being on set with a great crew helping tell stories." – Gary Hackney, Producer

“The mistake of marketing is trying to sell your product. Instead, we need to educate consumers on how your product will help solve their problem.” – Sarah Callahan, Project Manager

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – Halie Rash, Integrated Marketing Specialist

Our Web Development and Digital Marketing Process

Our Web Development Process

our process

There’s a Method
Behind the Madness

3D is more than a name. It’s our mantra.


Let’s get to know each other. Before we start any project, we take the time to define your business goals, understand your competition and identify new customers. This step lays the foundation for a successful project and creates a two-way conversation between our team and yours, keeping you informed throughout the entire process – start to finish.


Watch the magic happen. After gathering information about your business, we’ll design a detailed plan of attack to achieve your goals and objectives in a timely fashion. By following this blueprint throughout the project, we can stay on the same page and cater our services specifically to your brand and vision.


Move to the head of the pack. We love seeing ideas spring to life and know that you’ll be excited, too. Our team ensures that every detail of your digital strategy has been executed through a transparent project management process, so the final product will not only meet expectations, but also deliver results.

In addition, we’ll show you how our digital services have increased your brand awareness and improved your previous marketing efforts. Depending on the service provided, we also offer robust reporting and regular maintenance to make sure your project is reaching its full potential.