59% of the World's Top 100 Brands Use Instagram

Why? This platform encompasses video and photo sharing capabilities and, helps you provide short stories for your viewers. It has officially surpassed Twitter in the number of monthly active users! Instagram has grabbed features from other social platforms and molded it to fit the Instagram user. Learn a little bit about how your brand can gain a genuine following on Instagram and why users are shifting their time from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram.

Instagram Used By Top Brands

Successful brands know the power of Instagram and its ability to help customers with purchasing decisions. Along with showcasing products and services on Instagram, many companies use the social platform to engage with users daily. Taking a cue from Facebook, Instagram gives business owners the ability to have a business account and to create ads on the platform. Ads can help users find your brand easily, in a cost-effective manner. Along with ads, business accounts have access to analytics so they can monitor how their account is growing month-to-month.

From Instagram stories to live videos, this platform gives you the ability to have fresh content on a weekly basis. If you don’t have time to shoot an image, edit, and then upload, try Instagram stories for a quick and easy way to interact with your followers. After 24 hours, your Instagram stories are gone, so no need to worry about every fine detail about the video or image that you share. Everything that you share on Instagram stories can be saved directly to your phone, giving you the ability to upload and share on other platforms. If you have a fun shoot coming up, be sure to document a behind-the-scenes look with an Instagram live.

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