BeReal vs. Brands: Challenges On a New Platform

It can be astounding to know that much of the younger generation, especially Gen Z, is starting to see many online networks as outdated. One of the newest trends breaking social media norms is BeReal.

How Does BeReal Work?

            The concept of BeReal centers around authenticity. The app sends its users a notification to post at a random time each day. They then have two minutes to capture a photo that simultaneously uses the front and back camera. If a user posts after the two minutes expire, their image is marked ‘late.’ This anti-Instagram inspires a new age of social media content without any filters or editing. BeReal has introduced a much-needed wave of originality within the online space.

However, the rise of BeReal currently poses a threat to marketers interested in joining the trend. Much of what has driven people away from traditional social media and towards BeReal has also caused many companies to steer clear of the app. The platform's terms of use prohibits the use of paid or sponsored advertising. This means that branded content on BeReal is organic and unpaid. Yet, some companies have still decided to use BeReal to their advantage.

How Are Brands Utilizing BeReal?

Chipotle is an excellent example of how companies are using the unique nature of the app to promote their products. The restaurant posted a reusable promo code for the first 100 people to receive a free entree. This was accomplished simply with a fork pictured from the front camera and the instructions on how to redeem the coupon from the back camera. According to an article from Morning Brew, all of the codes were gone after 30 minutes. As Chipotle’s campaign has progressed, that time frame has gone down to just two minutes.

What Content Works Best for BeReal?

Creating content for BeReal requires thought, effort, and innovation. To build an audience on the app, showing behind-the-scenes content is a good idea. A glimpse of a brand's everyday life can make users feel as if they are part of something special. Additionally, the inclusion of humor can be beneficial in capturing people’s attention. An ideal campaign on BeReal should create a feeling of positive inclusivity–where your audience is engaged, involved, and entertained by content they would otherwise not have access to.

Brands have to adhere to BeReal’s restrictive policy alongside building an audience on the platform. This can make it tough to reach the right consumers while also tackling a limited message. For maximum efficiency, it would be best to implement a campaign across multiple social media channels.

The Future of BeReal

            Since BeReal doesn’t permit advertising or sponsored content, it relies on investors to fund the application. It promotes authenticity and allows for direct communication between users with no interference. Despite that, it has excluded advertisers from its network. However, it is still important to keep an eye on this growing platform. There is always a chance BeReal could change its advertising policy to allow brands a larger presence on the app.

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