Blog Like a Pro

In a digital world full of internet influencers and social media stars, creating a desirable blog seems easy enough. In reality, gaining recognition on any platform online can be extremely difficult as more and more people take to the internet every day. Currently, more than 400 million internet users consume over 20 billion blog pages per month, so there’s a lot of opportunity out there, but equally as much competition. The issue many bloggers find themselves faced with is how exactly to go about generating a loyal reader base to take their exposure to great heights.

As a business that’s been publishing consistent blog content for quite some time, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips and tricks you can use to start blogging like the pros.

Have Confidence

Bloggers must be confident in what they post. Your job is to position yourself as a knowledgeable source and an expert in whatever it is you’re writing about. Without confidence, creating that legitimacy just isn’t possible.

Write About Your Passions

Nobody enjoys reading a bland and emotionless blog. If you’re passionate about the topic or industry you’re writing about, those emotions will transfer over to your words. Think about it, would you want to read a food blog that’s written by someone who doesn’t even cook?

Use a Conversational Writing Style

If you want to drive engagement on your blog, the first step begins before you even publish your first post. Using a fun and conversational writing style is important to improve readability. You should imagine that with every post you are talking directly to a person, so your writing style should reinforce that one-on-one conversation. After you finish a piece, read through it and ask yourself if it’s something you would enjoy reading if you weren’t the author.

Make Smart Design Decisions

Nothing will cause a person to leave your blog faster than an unappealing design. The colors you choose, font you write in and any pictures you include must be carefully planned out. What looks good to you now may not be what you like in the future, so you should choose a design that will stand up to the test of time and constantly adhere to it.

Post Regularly

Consistency is key. Having a space where people can turn to on a regular basis for content is going to help you grow. For a business, posting at least once per month is recommended; however, a personal blogger should consider posting weekly or even daily. Regardless of the frequency you choose, keep it consistent so your audience knows exactly when to check back in for your latest piece.

Generate an Email List

An email list is a great way to keep your audience informed on what it is you’re doing. Every time you post a new blog, you should be sending it out directly to those people you know are interested. In addition, creating newsletters and other content to send to your email list can help further promote your platform and create even more engagement.

Don’t Give Up

Greatness takes time and your blog is no exception. While you likely won’t see notable growth at first, if you stay devoted to what it is you’re doing you should start to see gradual growth over time. To help establish your blog even faster, start by using these tips we’ve provided to your advantage.


We understand how difficult it can be to stand out as a blog, we’ve been there too. To make things a little easier for others, we put together this list to share the tips that helped us just starting out and those we still use to this day.

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