Blog Trends to Look out for in 2019

With the new year just around the corner, bloggers are beginning to buzz with new tips and tricks to give their blogs a competitive edge. Each year seems to bring about fresh ideas of what makes one blog more important or exciting than another in the eyes of the reader. In case you’re not sure where to turn, here are three new trends you should be looking to bring to your blog in 2019.

Video Blogging

There’s nothing inherently wrong with traditional blogging. It’s been around for years and has seemingly stood the test of time; however, as of late, video has taken the internet by storm across all platforms. In 2019, video is expected to make a major crossover into the world of blogging. With people constantly on the go, not everyone has the time to sit down and read like they used to. Video adds a more personal touch to blogging and allows you to build a connection with your viewers, all without requiring them to take the time to read a long article. If you have a fun and outgoing personality, this allows you to use it to your advantage and engage with your audience like never before. A full studio and expensive equipment aren’t required to video blog, all you need is yourself and a camera. Telling a story has never been easier and more appealing for your audience. If expanding your reach online and attracting more viewers isn’t enough of an incentive, video is also great for your site’s SEO and helps to rank you higher in online searches.

Share-Worthy Content

Today, nearly two-thirds of American adults turn to social media for news and information. This might be surprising to hear but think about how often we find ourselves scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and see a headline we must check out. To compete in this space, your content must be engaging and incite people’s urge to share it with friends. The more people who share your post, the more eyes that will see it and the possibility of going viral rises. Catchy headlines, fun images and a more casual writing style all have the potential to increase a blog’s levels of engagement with the reader. Remember, the goal is to not only get people to click on your post but to be encouraged to browse through the rest of your site. If your blogs are lengthy and monotonous, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t receive the number of shares you’re hoping for and drive people away from your content.

Modern Design

At some point, everything needs an update, with your blog being no exception. As we bring ourselves into 2019, you need to make sure your blog is coming with you. A generic page with text across it just isn’t going to cut it these days. To give your blog an advantage, you should refresh it with a modern and engaging design. Clean lines, a lively color palette and consistency are among the most important aspects of a blog’s design. It’s important that each of your posts has the same look and feel to give them a distinguishable look within your brand. Formatting is a great way to help establish this. Develop a guideline and follow it when creating your posts, so things like headings, bullet points, graphics and charts all retain the same appearance.

With blogging, there’s no secret formula for success. Everyone writes about different topics and what works in one area won’t necessarily work in another. It’s not the easiest to determine what path to take for your content, but video blogging, creating share-worthy content and establishing a modern design are all ways you can give yourself a boost in the new year.

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