How to Choose a Web Design Company in Jacksonville

The internet is changing how many people shop and search for the information they need. According to a study conducted by Nielsen, a whopping 85 percent of consumers find local business information online. A website is a great tool for a potential consumer to have access to at just a click of a button, anytime and anywhere. A website gives your business around-the-clock access, which can set you a part from your competition. Keep reading for some things to look out for when choosing a Jacksonville web design company.


Working with a local web design company is a major plus for the success of your online presence. Local companies have a good grasp on the geographical area and your target audience. Florida's most populated city is Jacksonville, home to roughly 850,000 people. This diverse city is comprised of many different areas, like the Beaches, San Marco, Avondale, Riverside and many more. Going local when picking your web design company is great because the local team that you choose is going to be familiar with the competition in the area. They are ahead of the curve and will be able to make your company’s website stick out from the rest. Instead of worrying about the competition, going local makes you the competition.


Finding a Jacksonville web design company that has a good reputation is key to not wasting your time and money. It is important to do your research prior to making your decision to commit with the web design company of your choice. Be sure to check out reviews to get some insight on how others might have liked or disliked their interaction with the company you are considering. Request references when you choose a web design company, as well. If someone had a bad experience with a company, he/she will be honest. Of course, the web design company you are looking at is going to make it seem like they are the best, that is part of their job. This is why you need to do your own personal research and look for red flags. Checking out websites, like the Better Business Bureau, is a great way to see if the website design company you could possibly choose is worth going forward with or not.


Choose a company that takes time to give back to their community. Not only is it good for the parties involved, but it also shows that they make it a priority to invest in their community. To determine if a company is partnering with local agencies and charities, check out their website for mentions of sponsorships, donation drives and volunteer service. You can also view the LinkedIn pages of the company’s leadership team to see if they donate their time to charitable causes or sit on any nonprofit boards.  A company that gives back is not just there for the personal profit, but is also making the conscience choice to be involved and present for the betterment of the community.


Going local with your web design company is great when it comes to the one-on-one time and connection that you can build with their team. Having a team nearby gives you the chance to partake in face-to-face conversations, eliminating the the confusing back and forth emails that could get misinterpreted if you were to choose a long-distance company. Make sure the web design team that you hire puts your vision into action. It should be a give and take. A good website design company will listen to your wants and needs, as well as provide insight and ideas to help elevate your vision. Picking a team that has similar goals, values and personalities to you is also something important to consider. Meet with the team, explain to them what you are looking for, and make sure they are onboard with your vision. You want the connection to be authentic. This will make working with the team more enjoyable and create a successful partnership.


Innovative creators don’t take shortcuts. These type of creators will work with you in order to create a unique design that will make your company’s website standout from the competition. While meeting with your Jacksonville web design company, make sure they are bringing exciting ideas to the table. You do not have to settle for a pre-made template that every other company in Jacksonville offers. Look for a web design company that is a trendsetter, creates original content and can provide solutions to your problems. When choosing a Jacksonville web design company, creativity is key!

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