Get Noticed with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get yourself noticed in today’s digital world. It provides a relatively low-cost way to advertise online and to develop relationships with your customers. Of all internet users, 94 percent use email while only 61 percent use social media. This shows the amount of potential that lays within an email marketing campaign versus marketing in other online spaces. Although email marketing is beneficial all year long, it’s even more valuable during the holiday season.

Read below for some pros of email marketing during the holidays and to learn why it’s so valuable.

Promote New Products and Discounts

Most companies during the holidays offer a special promotion or holiday-themed product to take advantage of the rise in shopping. There’s no easier way to convert a sale than to promote to people that are already fans of your business or products through email marketing. Throughout the year, you collect emails when people make purchases or sign up to receive your online newsletters. These emails then become your email marketing list. When you go to advertise that new product or black Friday sale, this email list should be the first place you turn to. On average, for every $1 you spend on email marketing you will see a return of about $44 – it’s definitely a no-brainer.

Bring in Additional Sales from Abandoned Shopping Carts

The holiday shopping season encourages shoppers to seek out the best deals. One huge advantage of email marketing is that you’re able to directly target your customers who get close to making a purchase but don’t complete it. There are many factors that could lead someone to abandon an online shopping cart, such as high shipping costs, no discounts or lower prices from other retailers. Regardless of the reason, it’s likely they are still going to be interested in the products later. Half of all shopping cart abandonment emails are opened by the recipients and more than 33 percent of those clicks convert to sales. This is basically “free money,” or sales that you probably weren’t going to make until you sent the customer a friendly reminder. If you want to further increase the number of sales you receive from abandoned cart shoppers, include a discount in the email to incentivize the customer to complete the purchase.

Connect with your Customers on a Personal Level

Feelings and emotions play a huge role in people’s shopping habits. Email marketing gives you an opportunity to appeal to your customer’s emotions through personalized emails, resulting in 41 percent higher click rates than generic messages. You can personalize an email by simply including the person’s name or creating a unique subject line geared towards their interests. Also, consumers are more likely to shop at places that give back to charity. A personalized email is a great place for you to tell people about the mission you are working towards and inspire them to help the cause. This time of year, people are more eager to give back to help others in need, so this is the perfect time to send out a personalized email.

There are many benefits to email marketing during the holidays. Exposure for your business is necessary to be successful in this competitive season and email marketing can drastically increase your reach. Promoting a discount or product, targeting customers with abandoned shopping carts and sending out a personal message are a few of the ways that email marketing can get you noticed during the holidays.


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