Should I Hire a Social Media Expert?

Many business owners know that an active social media presence is the key to a well-rounded marketing strategy. Social media, however, can be overwhelming, especially for someone who may be unfamiliar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the various other social media platforms available. It takes considerable time to not only cultivate new content and keep up with the latest trends, but also to interact with followers and follow up with online messages. As a business owner, managing social media can be a big task to add to your already full plate, but luckily there is a solution – hire a social media expert! Not sure it’s worth the investment? Here are some reasons why a social media expert may be beneficial to your business.

A Social Media Expert Saves You Money in the Long Run

The time, energy and money spent to hire and train a new employee to manage social media, or managing it yourself, is simply not profitable. According to Pay Scale, the average yearly salary of a Social Media Manager is $47,000K, but the cost of outsourcing and hiring a social media expert from a digital marketing agency, like 3D Digital, is typically around $450 per month. That’s only $5400 a year, a savings of over $41,000.

A social media expert is already trained and equipped to handle every aspect of the job. He or she understands the ins and outs of every social media platform and can identify which will be most beneficial for your business.

A Social Media Expert Creates Content to Grow Your Audience

What customers see when they look at your business online defines how they perceive your brand. If you are consistently providing innovative and compelling content on social media, viewers will be more likely to trust in the superiority of your product. A social media expert will take the time to research and get to know your audience, which allows him/her to create specific and engaging content. The expert will also know how to optimize your business pages on social media platforms to gain higher visibility.

Research done by The Drum found that 86 percent of women say they refer to members of a trusted social media network to find advice and recommendations before making a purchase decision. If your company’s social media profile is providing the industry or product information that consumers are searching for, you can successfully leverage social media to influence consumers’ buying decisions to benefit your business.

A Social Media Expert Provides Consistency

A social media expert understands the marketing concepts that are vital to your brand’s online success, such a creating a consistent look and feel across all channels to maintain your brand’s identity. He or she also knows that it takes more than just an occasional Facebook post to build your online reputation, and will implement strategic marketing tactics, such as creating a content calendar and scheduling promoted posts, to build an engaged audience and increase sales. Frequent reports will not only highlight his or her successes, but also provide valuable insight for other potential growth opportunities.

A Social Media Expert Builds Customer Relationships

Someone who is focused solely on your social media profiles will have the time to interact and engage with customers, therefore gathering more accurate consumer feedback. He or she will know the right questions to ask, encouraging online community engagement and building relationships with your target audience. An expert recognizes social media as a platform to create positive customer service experiences, and can handle positive or negative consumer reactions and reviews in a professional manner that benefits your brand.

Very few business owners have the expertise, or the time, required to manage multiple social media pages, but it is a marketing medium that should not be neglected. If you find that you are unable to keep your accounts up-to-date, or simply don’t have the staff available to handle it in-house, contact 3D Digital. Our team will be happy to review your current social media efforts and build a strategic plan to help your company stand out from the competition.

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