How Addressable Geo-Fencing Helps You Target People at Home

Known as “digital direct mail,” or more properly addressable geofencing, businesses are able to send ads directly to specific households - digitally.

So how does it work? Essentially, businesses can use demographics, psychographics and behavioral data to create geo-fences around targeted homes. Once all the geo-fences are built, ads serve digital messages directly to the devices within those fences.


This strategy is even more powerful in tandem with a direct mail campaign. Picture this: A person heads to their mailbox and sees your direct mail piece. The next day that person is sitting on their couch scrolling through their phone and they see your ad. They continue to see your message on their computers, tablets, and smartphones for the rest of the campaign. 

In marketing, frequency is key. It usually takes a customer to be exposed to a message multiple times before acting, so by adding digital to your direct mail campaign you are keeping your brand top-of-mind and increasing the chances of action. In some cases, a one-two-punch of direct mail + digital has lifted a campaign’s results by 118% as opposed to direct mail alone. How about that for results?

Geo-fencing has been around a little while, but the advancements in addressable geo-fencing is what makes this targeted strategy so incredible for businesses.

Navigating the current Covid-19 situation isn’t easy for anyone – especially business owners. If your customers are no longer coming in, it’s time you go to them. With people spending more time indoors it’s never been so important to target your audience at home. 

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