How to Connect with Generation Z

Every generation is unique. With each new generation, their values, beliefs and standards tend to drastically differ from the others. Currently, millennials are still the talk of the town among businesses and marketers alike; however, a new generation is starting to shift the narrative. Generation Z encompasses those currently entering adulthood, and they’re bringing their own perspective on the world with them. Generation Z, typically, includes people born between the mid 1990’s through the early 2010’s. With such a large amount of new people emerging into the consumer market, it’s important that your marketing strategies evolve so you’re able to connect with them properly. In this blog, we’re going to discuss ways that your brand can adapt moving forward, so you give yourself the best chance to connect with this rising generation.

Have Purpose

To connect with Generation Z, your business needs to have a purpose. Yes, every business has a purpose to make money, but to win over this upcoming generation it must go deeper than that. These young people prefer to get behind brands that serve a greater good and have environmentally or socially conscious roots. Gen Z mentality is all about expressing individuality and being who you are. When they find a brand that expresses public support for people like them or for a cause they’re passionate about, they’re more likely to become a loyal customer.

Use Video

Video is a great way to boost awareness and engagement in general, but is even more significant to Generation Z. More than 70 percent of teens spend at least three hours per day watching videos on their mobile devices. With such a focus on video content, reaching out to this generation through any other medium just isn’t likely to be as effective. Whether it be through videos embedded on your website or short video ads on YouTube, video marketing is a must if you want to increase your conversions among this demographic.

Support Mobile

If your online presence isn’t yet optimized for mobile devices that should be your top priority. Without a properly developed mobile site, you’re not only missing out on the majority of Gen Z, but a lot of people in general. Incredibly, more than half of all teens use their smartphone for shopping. As more people begin the transition to online shopping and brick and mortar stores continue to decline, having an attractive mobile website is more important now than ever before.

Diversify Social Media

Facebook is king… or is it? While Facebook is still the most popular social media platform among the general population, the same can’t be said for Generation Z alone. According to Google, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular social media platforms for this age group. Many businesses are familiar with Facebook and Facebook marketing, but not many have bridged over to Instagram and Snapchat in the same manner. If you want your brand to stay relevant moving forward, diverting more resources to these platforms is a one-way ticket to social media success.

With such a diverse group of individuals and free thinkers, the best way to connect with those in Generation Z isn’t the same across the board. Without a straightforward solution, observing their habits is extremely telling. Having a greater purpose, utilizing video, supporting the mobile experience and broadening your social media presence are some of the best ways your business can connect with Gen Z today.

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