Marketing Tips for the HVAC Industry

The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry is complex in that it’s constantly improving as new technology is created. Professionals in this field provide and maintain many types of systems, and perform different services based on a customer’s needs. Unlike other industries, most HVAC service requests come at unplanned times because issues tend to arise unexpectedly. This could be an AC malfunction during the middle of summer or a ventilation issue during pollen season.

When a customer looks for someone to come to the rescue, your HVAC business should be the one that stands out from the rest. Here’s how this can be done:


Videos are an effective way an HVAC business can reach out to its customers. In highly competitive areas where having a functioning HVAC system is a necessity, like Florida, a video introducing your company is a great way to familiarize your audience with who you are and what you do.

Video can help retain existing customers by promoting regular maintenance or upgrades to their systems. In areas of extreme heat, creating seasonal videos describing money-savings tips and tricks is a good idea to boost sales and conversions during slow times of the year. There’s a constant influx of new technology and more effective methods pertaining to the HVAC industry. Creating regular videos highlighting these changes can help your customers understand exactly what it is you’re doing.

Digital Marketing

You’ve created a video! Now what? Creating a captivating and engaging video is only half the battle. Knowing where and how to promote it is critical to the video’s success. There are numerous digital marketing strategies you can use to get your message out to the public. The overall goal of these marketing efforts is to instill awareness in consumers. When they need HVAC services or are searching the web for related topics, your name could be the first that comes to mind.

An addressable geo-fencing campaign is a great way to promote a video across numerous screens. This solution targets devices in specific households, usually in a business’ local area, to potentially result in a higher ROI. Addressable OTT ads target selected consumers on popular streaming devices to deliver video in the places they already consume it the most.

Creating a captivating video and marketing it correctly is a job best left to the professionals. We recommend partnering with video and digital marketing experts, like the team at 3D Digital, for the best chance of creating a successful video campaign for your HVAC business.

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