Marketing Tips for the Roofing Industry

Creating a digital marketing plan for your local roofing business is simpler than it may seem. Although traditional media still has an influence over your local community’s buying power, digital media is how most people search for businesses and make transactions. When executed correctly, digital marketing can result in higher conversions and offer the best bang for your marketing bucks.

Paid Search

When consumers need roofing services or want to learn more about the industry, they usually search for businesses near them. This is where you step in with content like blogs, videos, and other informational materials to boost your SEO. However, with a highly competitive market like the roofing industry, it could get difficult to fight for the top spot on the search engine results page (SERP).

Something that works in your favor is most people can’t differentiate between a paid ad and organic search results. This is one reason why paid ads are so successful. Searchers usually believe the first results on a page are the most relevant to them, regardless if it’s an ad or not. While you should hope to reach the top of the SERP organically, paid search ads can help you reach it even faster.


Let’s say a customer browsed your website and left before making an action. Retargeted ads can help bring those potential customers back even after they’ve left. Retargeting relies mostly on the actions and behaviors of these customers. Once they visit your site, it is remembered. When they move on to another website, your ads can then be shown on that site to persuade them to revisit you. This tactic is an excellent way to reel them back in to make an action like scheduling a consultation, requesting service or purchasing a product.


You’ve likely done your research. You know the areas of town you get the most business from and those you get the least. Addressable geofencing can deliver your ad to people in those areas based on zip codes and even specific addresses. It can help get your ad directly to those likely in need of roof repairs or a new roof entirely. Using your existing database, you can build geofences around your customer’s addresses who haven’t received any recent service.

Geofencing can also be your best salesmen when it comes to your competition. Say a potential customer went to your competitor’s location for a consultation to talk about prices. The customer didn’t make a purchase but walked out with a quote. They then might see your ad and give you a call. This is possible because geofencing allows you to place a virtual fence around your competitors locations too. Once a customer enters that fence, they can be targeted by your ads.

Digital marketing is a great way for roofing companies to generate business online. Guiding potential customers through the sales funnel in a seamless and non-intrusive way (compared to the dreaded cold-calling and door-to-door practices) can improve your sales and keep them happy at the same time.


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