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Build brand awareness, drive website traffic and help increase conversions with our behavioral marketing campaigns that reach your prime audience.

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Have you ever received an ad that was so specific you thought your phone was listening to you?

Well, it wasn’t your microphone and it wasn’t magic. It all comes down to data and knowing how to use it — and our digital marketing specialists are experts at using data to deliver display ads to the right audience.

Behavioral marketing is one of the most powerful strategies available today for building brand awareness and beginning to move potential customers down the sales funnel.

Behavioral marketing advertising uses banners to promote your brand to a highly relevant audience across various websites and apps.

At 3D Digital, we design and build campaigns in-house for our clients. Ads are served to consumers within certain parameters — such as when they conduct keyword searches, visit similar websites, read content relevant to a brand, or are physically near yours or a competitor’s location.

Our Difference Is In The Data

What sets our behavioral marketing campaigns apart is the data we utilize. Our team uses unstructured data, which includes data points like emails, tweets, web pages, and associated metadata.

The result is that we can target potential customers in real-time, focusing on people searching for your product or service right now — not six months ago.

Example of a Medical Behavioral Marketing Campaign Ran from Jan 2021 – May 2021

Metrics showing people who see a targeted ad are more likely to visit the physical location


Number of times a digital ad is displayed to your target audience


Metric that counts the number of times a user clicked on a display ad to reach a site

A Data-Driven Blend Of Tactics To Reach The Right Audience, Right Now

Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing

We use a customized mix of tactics to target consumers’ behaviors and follow those who have shown intent to buy. Our campaigns may include one or more of the following tactics to help drive traffic to your website or increase your brand’s online presence:

  • Geo-Optimization: Advertise to users in a defined geographical area or radius from your location
  • Site Retargeting: Re-engage those who have recently visited your website
  • White List: Display your brand on a range of custom website lists to your business
  • Keyword Search: Advertise to users searching for your products and services
  • Keyword Contextual: Display ads to those reading content about your products or services
  • Category Contextual: Market on websites where you consumers are likely to visit

Geo-Fencing and Addressable Geo-Fencing

Location-based targeting brings unparalleled precision to your campaign, allowing you to target potential customers nearly anywhere they go. There are two main ways we can target people using “geofences,” which are virtual perimeters that correlate with real-world geographic areas.


Whether it’s your business location, your competitors’ locations, local buildings, nearby traffic, and even tradeshows and events, we can geofence almost any building or zone. When a potential customer enters the geofence, a banner ad is delivered to their mobile device. For instance:

  • Is there a tradeshow happening relevant to your industry? Let’s geofence the conference and send ads to potential customers.
  • Are you a retail business in a competitive market? We can geofence your competitors’ locations to serve ads to your target audience.

Addressable is a type of geo-fencing focused on targeting individual households rather than businesses. Another way to think of it is "digital direct mail."

We custom build our campaigns to target home addresses, with the ability to target up to one million per campaign. What makes this tactic especially effective is it allows for cross-device execution. You can target not only smartphones in the home, but also laptops, tablets and even smart TVs.

Programmatic Video

Make your targeted display campaign more engaging by using video ads, also known as programmatic videos. Video options include pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads that play with free video content, as well as banner video ads. With our in-house design and video production teams, we create video ads that attract the wandering web user’s eye.

OTT/CTV Advertising

More people are pulling the plug on cable, but it’s opened up new avenues for reaching consumers through streaming technology. Over-the-Top ads, commonly known as OTT, are shared across video streaming platforms and Connected TV (CTV) devices.

Our team will identify the platforms and devices that are most suitable for your campaign and develop a targeted plan and video creative to achieve your goals.

Programmatic Audio

Deliver an exclusive advertising experience to consumers, naturally, evolve marketing and advertising strategies for your brand, and reach a highly targetable and mobile audience.

Drive engagement with your ad by using personalized audio messaging to reach your audience in a way that does not need a screen to influence consumers.

Our new programmatic audio solutions allow you to deliver ads to engaged users through streaming and downloadable content such as podcasts, streaming music, online radio, and more.

We automate the selling and insertion of advertisements into audio content to provide better targeting, measurement, and retargeting. Using a customized tactic, we can target consumers with a distraction-free experience.

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