What is Targeted Display Advertising?

Targeted display advertising uses banners (static images, video and HTML5) of various sizes to display advertisements on websites and apps while users surf the web. Targeted display advertising is a type of digital marketing that targets potential customers based on a wide set of variables, such as demographics, online habits and interests. Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising, targeted display advertising is charged by the impression (CPM) and not by how many people clicked on the banners.

Tactics Matter

With your ideal customers in mind, the first step is identifying your business goals and determining which tactics are most relevant to your promotion. In most cases, promotions, also known as campaigns, will use a blend of tactics, such as:

The blend of tactics used in a campaign depends on of the needs and goals your business. Each campaign is uniquely designed to fully optimize your budget and provide the best results. The key is knowing your company and the audience you want to reach.

Is CTR Important?

The average Click Through Rate (CTR) for campaigns is .10%, which may not sound very impressive. And to be honest, it isn’t. But, you know what? Your CTR doesn’t matter. In fact, a recent article from SEO experts Moz, further highlights why CTR isn’t necessarily the best metric when looking at the success of a banner campaign. Using data from a published study, they found that 33 percent of people are likely to make a purchase as a direct result of seeing a banner ad, and 44 percent of those consumers did so without clicking on the banner. CTR does not consider the numerous people who may see an ad, take action later, but never click on it.

Targeted display banners have two main purposes: (1) to increase brand awareness and (2) to drive traffic to your website. They rarely result in a “direct” conversion, but they do play a major role in influencing online (and offline) purchasing decisions. That’s why they should be included as part of any robust business marketing strategy.

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