Email Marketing - Boosting Exposure, One Message at a Time

Everyone has email. Well, 3.9 billion people have email – and they actually use it! What’s even more amazing is email usage is predicted to grow by three percent each year through 2023. With these numbers it’s easy to see why email is such an important marketing tool. It’s measurable, it’s cost-effective, it’s personal, and it works!

It's Measurable

When running an email marketing campaign it’s important that you track who opens your email, what links are followed, and how many people subscribe or unsubscribe. This is a strength of email marketing because it allows businesses to see how their email campaigns are performing, make adjustments, and improve their strategies. There are different types of marketing software you can use, each one unique yet still effective.

It's Cost-Effective

Email marketing allows brands to reach a large number of people at nearly no cost per message sent. This makes it a wise choice compared to traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, or direct mail, which all involve a higher price and are less measurable. This ability to reach an entire audience at an extremely low cost is helping email marketing continue on its rise toward the top of the digital marketing chain.

It's Personal

Email marketing is essentially separating your target audience into specific lists and sending each list a message that appeals to them. This is different than posting on social media because when you post on social media you address your audience as a whole. This is usually successful in garnering attention, but your success level can depend on the age range of your target audience. Email marketing allows you to create completely unique messages to get more personal with different segments of your audience.

It works!

Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospective, current, and past customers by allowing you to speak to them directly and on their own time. Investing time into building and maintaining an email marketing campaign isn’t likely to be a waste. Nearly 60 percent of people say that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions.

Developing a successful email marketing strategy isn’t always easy for those without experience. The 3D Digital team is ready to work with you to create a custom email marketing campaign for you that appeals to your audience and persuades them to act. Contact us today at 904-330-0904 to get started!

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