Ways to Boost Your Conversions

People invest in marketing for different reasons. One of these reasons is usually to increase conversion rates. The term “conversion” can mean many different things. It can mean getting more people to click through to your website, having more people call, getting someone to fill out an email form, or even having someone make a purchase. Overall, conversion is very important for every business. Here we’re going to talk about five different things you can do to help increase your conversion rates.


Limit Options

One of the biggest mistakes a website can make is overwhelming its visitors. Pages that are too cluttered or distracting can reduce the potential conversion rate, especially if there are several calls to action. Each page should have a maximum of one CTA. Also, when a CTA requires filling out a form, make sure the form has as few fields as possible. Overall, you should limit the number of options on a page to persuade people to make the choices you intend. If you need to include more than one CTA on a page, be very clear about the differences between the options. It may be best to experiment with different options on your website and figure out what works best for you.


Study the Past

Understanding your conversion rate and why it works is the key to increasing conversions. Track your conversions and see what kind of campaigns, content and CTAs are leading to the highest response rates. This way you can find out what content works best with your audience and replicate those results.


Use Video

Video can help you better engage with visitors. You can use video content to entice and inspire people to act. It’s also a great way to show some work behind the scenes and help make your brand more relatable.


Add Evidence

Testimonials from clients help to establish credibility and trust. People want to know they can trust a brand. Placing testimonials on your website can inform visitors of what they can expect from you. Clients are much more likely to trust what someone else says about your company than what you say about yourself. Besides reviews, trust seals, awards and statistics are other great ways to build credibility and increase conversions.


Use Appealing CTAs

Strong rates of conversion start with a strong call to action. What makes up a strong call to action? First, use buttons instead of links. Buttons will attract more attention and are more easily clicked on when viewed on a mobile device. Also, use simple and specific language. Instead of just a regular contact button, use something more specific like “Contact a Digital Marketing Specialist.”


Sometimes the simplest tactics are the most effective. Be sure to always think from your audience’s perspective. What kind of information would you expect to see if you were in their shoes? Think about what things your visitors would want to see and then implement them across the board to help boost your conversion rates.

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