What Digital Marketing Looks Like in a New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately affected the lives of people around the world. Due to health concerns, many businesses across all industries have closed their doors to keep the community safe. People are beginning to adjust to life in a “new normal” with no immediate end to the situation in sight. At 3D Digital we’re using the resources we have to help businesses make this adjustment and get back on track. We know there’s a lot of uncertainty out there about what marketing strategy will work best for businesses as they get back on their feet. Here are the answers to some questions you might have now and going into the future:

Is digital marketing still an effective way to reach my audience today?

Yes! Digital marketing is arguably the most effective way to reach people right now. Think about it - people are spending more time at home using their devices and consuming more media than usual. Advertisers know this and are using it to their advantage to promote their products and services.

What digital marketing tactics should I use during COVID-19?

Every business is different, so every approach to marketing should always be unique. Our clients are experiencing success using many different digital marketing tactics during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the three tactics we have been recommending the most are addressable geo-fencing, video and social media.

How is Addressable Geo-fencing more efficient today than traditional Geo-fencing?

One digital marketing tactic we’re seeing outstanding results from right now is addressable geo-fencing. Similar to traditional geo-fencing, addressable geo-fencing allows you to target devices within the confines of a virtual fence. However, where addressable geo-fencing really shines is in its ability to target devices in specific homes using property tax and public land surveying information to create ultra-precise fences around desired homes in an address list. People are going to be spending more time at home for the foreseeable future. Addressable geo-fencing allows us to reach those people without them ever having to leave the house. Traditional geo-fencing and other marketing tactics can require people to visit a business or area relevant to an advertiser’s marketing campaign. Unfortunately, many businesses are now closed or are in the process of reopening, so advertisers are missing out on a good chunk of the population they would normally be able to reach. Addressable geo-fencing eliminates that problem and allows advertisers to reach their target audience directly at home using addresses they already have in their database or an address list custom created to target specified incomes, interests and geography. This can be a great way you can reach your audience right now too.

What’s the best way to tell my story using video?

Video allows businesses to tell their story in their own way. Using your own voice you can create an experience for your viewers that they couldn’t get anywhere else. Right now video seems to be having the best results on social media and OTT ads. Social media allows you to create videos and share them directly with your audience. Whether it be a company background, product demonstration or employee spotlight, it’s important to keep social media videos fun, fresh and to the point. The shorter the length the more likely they are to be seen and shared. OTT videos are a little different. They’re essentially commercials that are shown on streaming platforms With more people at home and streaming video consumption on the rise it’s a no-brainer that OTT videos are a great way to get your message out to the world.

Besides video, what are some other ways I can use social media to my advantage?

Social media use was already increasing before the pandemic, but now people are spending even more time on social platforms connecting with others and engaging with content. Technology has become a main source of socialization with those outside the household. As a business it’s smart to be where the people are – and the people are on social media.

In terms of social media strategy, it’s important to balance educational and entertaining content with more sales/marketing-based posts. Social media can be your Times Square to share news about your business, like reopening dates, store hours, specials and giveaways. One of the best ways to level up your game is through social media advertising. Ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow you to reach current and potential customers, vastly expanding the reach of your content.

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