Why Addressable Geo-Fencing is the Way to Go

The world of digital marketing is constantly expanding. As new marketing techniques become available, advertisers have even more ways to accomplish their goals. One of the newest and most polarizing methods to hit the marketing industry is called addressable geo-fencing. Addressable geo-fencing, while obviously related to traditional geo-fencing, is a completely different animal. The addition of the “addressable” functionality now allows for a more precise way to advertise to your audience.

Continue reading to learn about the pros of addressable geo-fencing and why it’s a tactic to consider adding to your marketing strategy immediately. 

It’s Plat Line Specific

When most people think about an address, they just think about the physical structure on the property. Most don’t think about the property as a whole, from one boundary to the other. One benefit of addressable geo-fencing is that it’s plat line specific. Using public data such as property tax records, a virtual barrier can be placed around the confines of a property. This means that advertisers can now target the entire address instead of just a specific IP address or device at its location. The benefit of this is that there may be multiple IP addresses on one property, especially in the event of a multi-family residence. The chance you’ll show up on more devices at an address improves with addressable geo-fencing.

It’s Scalable

Addressable geo-fencing takes digital marketing to new heights with its sheer power of visibility. An advertiser can add up to 1 million addresses to their addressable geo-fencing campaign at the same time. Think about all the doors that open for you when you target an audience of that magnitude. Additionally, the address lists can be customized to specific demographics such as age, interests, income, zip code location and more. This means you can focus your efforts on just the people who will be interested in what you have to say.

It improves the Success Rates of Other Addressable Campaigns

For those who are running other types of addressable marketing tactics, addressable geo-fencing would make a great sidekick. For example, many businesses already use direct mail to advertise to their target audiences, meaning they will already have a catalog of addresses ready to go. By targeting those same addresses with digital marketing by way of addressable geo-fencing, you can reinforce the messages in your direct mail pieces. In addition, addressable geo-fencing allows for conversion zone tracking. This means you can effectively track the number of people who have been exposed to one of your ads and then visited your physical location, something you can’t do with direct mail alone.


Addressable geo-fencing is revolutionizing the way advertisers reach their audience daily. Its abilities are groundbreaking for the industry and every advertiser should add it to their marketing strategies as soon as possible. The utilization of plat line mapping, the capability to target as many as 1 million addresses at once and the chance of improving other addressable campaigns at the same time makes it hard to beat. This is not the extent of all it can do, but you should have a good idea of just how it can refresh your marketing strategy for the best.

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