Why Video is Key in the Digital World

Video has quickly skyrocketed into one of the most important mediums to use for any brand’s marketing scheme. Studies show that video content boosts conversions and sales, encourages social shares and helps your site rank higher in search listings. By using well-produced videos to feature new projects, people or stories from your brand, you can increase traffic and return on investment in a new way.

Why Video?

Digital agencies are starting to add video packages to their service lineup to give clients the opportunity to increase their online presence with a different method. In addition to social media, web design and digital marketing, video is a great advertising tool to share information about your business. Sometimes traditional marketing tools don’t grab the audience, but video is unique because it adds an emotional value to the mix. Combining sight with sound creates an experience for users to connect with a brand on a deeper level, which oftentimes translates into more clicks, sales and conversions.

By combining video production with other digital marketing services, businesses can possess a well-rounded integrated marketing plan. Targeting users on every platform with all sorts of different techniques is great for catching the attention of more potential customers and video is one of the best emerging ways to do this.

How Does Video Effect Facebook?

Facebook is used by tons of businesses to promote their brand within the social community online. Videos translate well on Facebook because they receive a wider organic reach, which allows more people to see your content. This is beneficial over photo sharing because videos will hold the attention of your viewers for a longer period of time and encourage them to browse through more of your page. Did you know that more than 500 years’ worth of YouTube videos are watched daily on Facebook? It’s important to share your videos on social media as well as YouTube.

3D Digital is proud to house an award-winning video production team that can meet the needs and goals of any client. We love collaborating with businesses to improve their marketing plans. Contact us today for a quote on how to get your story told through video.

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