WordPress Benefits

WordPress is an easy-to-use online platform that gives you the ability to create beautiful, yet functional websites and blogs. Any size company, in any industry, can benefit from using WordPress for their business. From industry happenings to product reviews, you can keep your audience informed in real-time. Interested in starting a food blog? WordPress can help you start documenting your delicious creations for the world to enjoy!

WordPress Benefits

Accessibility: With a WordPress account, you can make changes to your website from any computer in the world with Internet access and a browser. With the ability to make changes immediately, you'll speed up the lines of communication between you and your customers.

Design: WordPress offers hundreds of themes and plugins to help you customize your website or blog. Browse themes that WordPress offers or you can install a theme made by a graphic designer giving your site the ultimate professional look!

Mobile Responsive: Nowadays, people are more likely to be on their phones versus a desktop viewing a website. WordPress allows you to download mobile responsive themes to make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing on a mobile device.

Scheduling: As a blogger, your days are filled with content creation. With the scheduling tool within WordPress, you can create bulk content that can be scheduled out for the rest of the week or month.

Two-way Communication: Interact with your reader base with the comment feature on WordPress. This feature allows you to read and reply to comments from your readers right on your blog helping you increase your brand awareness online!

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