Reaching Gen Z Online

The world is constantly evolving, and a marketer’s duty to adapt to any changes that time may bring. In turn, this means that brands must find a way to navigate the online space while facing numerous obstacles along the way. In the modern era, marketers are now confronted with the unique challenge of reaching an entirely new generation. Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, grown up accustomed to using the internet and handheld electronics. As with every new generation, they have their own distinctive attributes, values and interests. This has made it notoriously difficult for some brands to reach the millions of Gen Z users online. However, there are a few methods that are effective in driving Gen Z user engagement that every marketer must know:

Using The Right Language

Capturing Gen Z’s attention can become a daunting task in a cluttered online space. While some companies' first instinct might be to use ‘hip’ and ‘relatable’ language to appeal to a younger audience, this is certainly not the best idea. Research suggests that Gen Z prefers brands to present their authentic selves on social platforms rather than portray an image that does not align with their identity. This doesn’t necessarily mean to stay away from using trendy language, but to use it in moderation.

Video Is Vital

Video has become a necessary tool with Gen Z’s short attention span. Visual content is engaging, interesting and addictive. Instagram Reels and TikTok have proven just how effective videos can be in influencing consumer behavior. According to House of Marketers, 63% of all successful advertisements clearly state their message within the first three seconds of their video. This statistic highlights how important it is for marketers to get their message across efficiently. In addition, video is remarkably easy to consume. There’s no constant clicking or scrolling around to find entertaining content.

User Participation

            User-generated content can be a great asset for any brand looking to grow their presence on social media. Gen Z lives and breathes UGC. According to Business Wire, 70% of Gen Z  s photos and videos helpful in making purchase decisions. This emphasizes how crucial   is for brands wanting to spark more engagement online. Interactive content such as polls, reviews and story stickers can also lead to greater participation among Gen Z. With an involved audience, businesses are able to spread their message further across various social platforms.

To reach an audience like Gen Z, it’s important for brands to incorporate new strategies within their digital marketing campaigns. Using the right copy, video and interactive content is essential for any brand looking to expand their social media presence. 3D Digital is a creative agency that can help you reach your desired audience no matter who they are. Call 904-330-0904 to learn more.

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